MixMob is developed by a seasoned team of gaming veterans and crypto natives, hailing from FIFA, Battlefield, HALO, PokerStars, Nintendo, Disney and Epic.


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MixMob is a metaverse project on Remix Culture.

A rogue A.I. deleted our culture and it’s up to us to get it back. Mashing up music, fashion, art, movies, as a member of the MixMob, explore a world from a Card Racing Battle Game to a full MMO and beyond. Along the journey experience NFT drops, culture magazines, deep lore and storytelling with UGC at its core. As you progress with your MixBots and NFT collections, the world will behold the power of your style and skill — both in the game and IRL.


✊🔥 _ Power to the player. Power to the game.

Our mission is to empower a player-owned gaming platform that rewards creativity and style as much as skill and reflex.


“We believe that merging play-&-earn with user-generated content is the future of gaming and culture.”

Simon Vieira CEO / Game Producer

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